Social is an essential part to your marketing strategy.

Social media marketing has become a necessary and powerful cornerstone of any viable marketing and advertising strategy. Statistics prove time and time again that a strong social media presence can increase website traffic, inquiries on products and services and finally an increase in overall sales.


Establish a strong presence on social media platforms through well-developed content and brand identity. Consistency and quality is key in establishing a credible following. 


Serve your audience with valuable, high-quality content that is worth their time and attention. Find stories and interesting information that people want to see and share. 


Finally influence people’s habits by providing a constant source of value and entertainment. Create relaitonships with your audience that turns them into brand ambassadors. 

Areas of Service

  • Comprehensive Social Strategy
  • Community Management
  • Content Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Advertising Strategy + Management
  • Geo + Retargeting + Custom Audiences
  • Landing Page Development
  • Analytics + Reporting
  • Influencer Identification
  • Live Streaming Facebook +Insta Live

Why Social Media?

  • 71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.
  • Social Media is a two-way conversation with your customers allowing the business owner to create bonds with his customers; ultimately turning customers into ambassadors.  What other advertising channel can boast this?!
  • Social Media is an open window to your customers’ thoughts, suggestions and feedback. Savvy business owners use it to listen and watch. It’s market research without the formal survey.
  • Over 67 percent of consumers now go to social media for customer service. They expect fast response times and 24/7 support—and companies that deliver win out. 
  • There are now more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook Pages to connect with their customers (Source: Facebook). 4 million of those businesses pay for social media advertising on Facebook.

Serial entrepreneur and CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuck explains the importance of attention and creative being the variable to advertising and marketing success. Check it out!

The attention is clearly on social media.

We invite you to connect with us on our social networks as well as consider working with us to help develop or revamp your social media presence. The time is now.

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